Filter Media

Filter Media – Test, Design and Integrate Cutting Edge Filter Media for Small to Large Applications.

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We are allied with organisations that provide the best solutions for Dry and Wet filtration.



Dry Filtration:

We offer technologically advanced services, in the manufacture of standard and specialised dust collector bags, audits and service for all your dust collector systems.

Wet Filtration:

We are involved in:

  • Mineral Processing- providing filter media drum, disc, horizontal belt and pan filters.
  • Chemical Industry- Offer filtration products used in the manufacture of pigments, dyes, acids, sulphates, chlorides, zeolites and other elements
  • Pulp & Paper Industry – Produce synthetic spiral and metal fabrics that meet the washing, bleaching and fibre capture requirements of the industry.
  • Food and Beverage- Provide filter media for screen filtering in the diary, sugar, flour and beverage industries (wine, beer, soft drinks)
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals - Provide screen filters for blood transfusion, Infusion diagnostics and laboratory testing. Provide filter media used in the manufacture of drugs, tablets and the recovery of crystalline solids.
  • Automotive Industry – Manufacture screening fabrics for fuel, grease, oil filtration. Also for air ventilation system.

Printing Industry – Provide precision screen printing mesh for printing of glass.