Dust Suppressants


We are engaged with Dust Suppressants used to control airborne and waterborne pollutants.

Here we utilise a unique blend of water soluble co-polymer to apply to the affected area. When applied, a crust is formed on the Ground Surface that binds the particles together forming a matrix, and prevents the movement of any fine particle by wind or water.


We treat effectively:

  • Dust emissions form tailings dams, end walls, slopes which usually cause frictions and problems with local communities
  • Dust emissions for stockpiles and dunes
  • Dust emissions for mine roads
  • Dust emissions from rail cars and lorries conveying ores


Method Of Preparation Of Water-soluble Copolymer

A method is provided for the production of a water-soluble or water-dispersible copolymer. The copolymer is comprised of a water-soluble base monomer and/or a water-soluble or water-dispersible macromer. The disclosed method involves a two step polymerization procedure wherein in a first step a minor portion of the reactants are polymerized to conversion under conditions which result in the formation of a low molecular weight product, and in a second step the remaining portion of the reactants are polymerized to conversion in the presence of the reaction product of the first step under conditions which result in the production of a higher molecular weight product.