About Us

Process Technology and Solutions Limited is a Jamaican company whose core business is to:

  • Provide Technical & Logistics support to our customers who are engaged in Process and Chemical Engineering and environmental activities.
  • Conduct scientific analysis, testing, preparing and interfacing of process chemical additives for various applications in the Bayer Process 
  • Engage in a range of scientific research for the application of Dust Suppressants.
  • Provide the best filter media solutions for wet and dry filtration.
  • Provide Solutions for Waste Water Management – and to reduce the amount of hazardous effluent from contaminating the environment
  • Environmental health and safety solutions
  • Engineering services
  • Security consultancy

professionals.pngOur team of experienced internationally trained and dedicated staff have over sixty years experience in the above mentioned disciplines.

 We also engage the services of highly qualified and experienced associates to fulfil the requirements of our clients and customers.
This team offers specialized services to our clients based on their special situation, demands and requests.


Our customers are from the following sectors:

  • Mining and Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Services
  • Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • Milling